Resetting Your Clock After Spring Has Sprung

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Now that we have sprung forward, now what?

I love the changing of the seasons and nature’s awakening that occurs in the Spring, but I confess the clock resetting in response to Daylight Saving time can be disruptive to me. I struggle with the Springing forward ( setting the clocks ahead by one hour) because I am prone to not get enough sleep throughout the year as it is and this time change further steals an hour of sleep creating even more of a deficit for me. Given a choice, I would prefer to keep falling back an hour, but I am joking here mostly.

Daylight Saving time (“DST”) has its origins in allowing for more time for harvest when agriculture was a dominant force in the economy. The season of DST has been expanded, now from the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November, to allow for more energy conservation since there is more sunlight available to us and we would not need to use as much electricity at our homes and business. It is debatable how effective these energy savings measures are but nevertheless, it is the law of the land at present.

While our economy and energy efficiency are worthwhile endeavors to justify the inconvenience of having to reset all our non-smart appliances that automatically synchronize themselves, it is important to note the negative effects of the changing of the clocks. In fact, Dr. Ilene Rosen of the American Academy of Sleep Medicine called the time change a “society-imposed jet lag.” Consider the following:

  • The New England Journal of Medicine reports that there is almost a10% increase in traffic accidents following the time change.
  • A similar increase in heart attacks was noted by the University of Alabama, Birmingham after springing forward.

Sleep is such a vital component for optimal functioning and I know when I am sleep deprived I tend to want to overindulge in caffeine and sweets, both of which only give you a short-term spike in energy and often leaving you feeling more depleted than you would feel otherwise.

So instead of gulping coffee or “energy” drinks throughout the day, here are some other things try to help the transition of time:

Go to bed earlier and get better rest:

Since you are getting up an hour earlier, to keep things balanced you should, in theory, go to bed an hour earlier. This, of course, is easier said than done. If you would like more information please click here to receive my e-book Cleaning the Connection which lists some products and tips to help you get a good night’s sleep. By clicking you will also receive access to other valuable resources.

Breathe Better

If you need a little pick me up, try the “Breath of Fire” technique. No this does not mean to eat some jalapenos, although that may wake you up. Breath Of Fire is a type of pranayama yoga that oxygenates your blood and can increase your energy. Youtube has a collection of videos that provide better instruction if you want to see how to do it. Tony Robbins morning “priming” routine includes a variation of the Breath Of Fire in which he pumps his arms down while performing the rapid breath. If you have ever seen Tony, you know that man has abundant energy so he must be on to something, right?

Breath Of Fire (1)

Meanwhile, enjoy the extra daylight and look for me to be napping under a budding tree.

Originally published at Julian Kaufmann.