Tuning In To The Hum Of The Earth

Tune In — Turn On

“If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency, and vibration.” — Tesla

The earth is a cosmic orb in flux. Consider how we are hurdling through space at a speed of about 67,000 miles per hour. Yet for most of us, our physical world seems fairly stable. We are blissfully unaware and in fact, there is much that happens to our world that we can not perceive.

Recently scientists have made breakthroughs about the mysterious “humming” that the earth makes. Ultra-low-frequency waves are occurring that we can not hear and are a result of the ocean waves and other factors.

As I was reading the Washington Post article on the Earth’s hum, I became aware of the humming ballast in the overhead fluorescent light at the coffee shop. This made me think of the hum that you can hear if you are near most utility transformers as the flowing electrical current is stepped-up or down.

From here my brain went to the humming sound you make when you chant.

All these examples, and for life itself, have something in common and can be explained by energy and frequency.

Which brings me to the last point and that is the frequency of our brain waves.

During most of our day, we are on high-alert and operate in a brainwave state characterized by high-frequency brain waves.

Contrast this with the state of peace and calm we feel when we meditate and are generally relaxed. As we meditate we lower our brain’s energy requirements by lowering our brainwave state. The higher the frequency the higher the energy requirements. Check out my blog post WHAT THE FREQUENCY KENNETH for more information

Thinking About Your Brainwaves

The table below lists the typical brainwave frequencies associated with the various states:

Brain Wave State Frequency (HZ) Notes Beta 14–30 Awake, normal alert to anxious Alpha 9–13 Relaxed, calm, lucid, not thinking (Flow) Theta 4–8 Deep relaxation/ meditation, Mental Imagery Delta 1–3 Deep, Dreamless Sleep

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