Before we start…

I’m Juliana Perea, I’m a Human Resource student at Baruch College. First of all, I never thought I’ll be living U.S.A, and even less in NYC. When I came here I didn't know why people likes to live in New York that much, for me everything looked pretty normal at the beginning, but in less than three years I found the reason why people love to live in The big apple, and of course that allowed me to be part of those lovers.

In this blog You will find multiple suggestions to enjoy each season in NYC, free activities you may not know, when not matter how the weather is, there is always a perfect place to join in, different kind of food to try, diversity languages to learn, art to appreciate, and multiples stuff that you never going to finish even if you were born in this city.

I hope my blog could be helpful to enjoy the place where you live or while visiting NYC.

Welcome to New York City…I promise you won’t get bored here!!!

View from the World Trade Center Observatory -12/15 by Juliana Perea

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