My first experience at nHub Nigeria

I remember the first time i stepped into nHub, i saw energized and competent youths working their ways through learning, it was an atmosphere of creative minds, and i could literally feel the energy. They were so many that i couldn’t count…because it was a youth filled hub i felt relaxed getting excited, i couldn’t wait to start working in this amazing environment with future developers even before i got my job description as the ‘Client relationship/Communication Manager. It is an environment i have always want to work in.

nHub is parenting youths, they will train you from infant and watch you grow into a matured mind blowing world class developer. Mr. David Daser calls them ‘MY DEVELOPERS’ at times i get tired and jealous hearing him saying that…nHub was a family but now grow into a community, it is a community of like minds advancing into a greater future of innovation and entrepreneur.

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