The positivity chain

I have to admit. A couple of days ago I was desperate. Totally, utterly, completely desperate. This month, and the past one, haven’t been the best in terms of work. I’ve had fewer gigs, which means less income, which means having to resort to my savings to make ends meet (thank the heavens for my savings!).

I tend to go overboard with preoccupation if the prospect of being broke looms. I have never really been broke ever since I started working and getting my own money, but I’ve had moments when I thought I was going to run completely out of dough (again, it never happened). When I get this terrible feeling, I usually get into stress overdrive and start imagining the worst things. What I have realised, time and again, is that, 1 — being stressed never pays out, and 2 — good things start happening once I stop worrying too much and start acting. That is exactly what I did.

I decided to create a Facebook page for my blog (it’s here, in case you were curious), and also made the decision of posting, or at least trying to post on my blog everyday (goal: on track). I managed to find and get into a few helpful communities online, and I reached out to people. I left the stress party and jumped on the “let’s do this!” wagon, which is way more fun and eventful, by the way.

What happened after that is that a few things started happening, even if timidly. A chain of lucky events started to untangle in front of me. I still haven’t closed any deals this week, but some doors have opened (or re-opened), and I’m hopeful. I started thinking — and acting — positively, and it’s starting to pay off in some ways.

I’m still worried about getting more gigs, but I’m more confident that good things will happen. I somehow unlocked a chain of positivity, and now I believe a little more that things will turn out fine. The road of a freelancer is rocky, and I know I must invest more time and effort in the business side of being self-employed (especially in planning and strategy), but being patient and keeping the faith, while working hard and connecting with people, are keys to making this choice of lifestyle work and relieving some of the weight of walking this road alone.

Juliana Alvim is a journalist, an aspiring minimalist, and is always on the lookout for cheap airfare. Check out her writings on .

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Originally published at on January 23, 2015.

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