Hi, friends! Do you know what is POLYVORE? Well, this is a great place, where you can develop your fashion skills! This is a platform where items from the most famous online shops are gathered together, and you have the opportunity to create fashion sets, collections, mix and match looks. This platform is mandatory for training for all stylists and people, who are involved in fashion industry. But even if you are just fashion lover , it is very useful to practice of creating sets. Why? Imagine that you are in Mall, for example, and there are a lot of shops, a lot of clothes and you need to buy something that you really need in your wardrobe . It is quite hard to focus when you see so many stocks, different colors and models. Polyvore is the same but in virtual way — there are a huge amount of finds and you should combine set of pieces that are of the same style , suitable colors, etc. At first, you will be confused , but after a while will understand how to choose the idea of your set (for what ocasion you create look , for example), what color palette to use and find pieces. Try it, it really deserves.

I’m a big fan of Polyvore, it helps me to practice, and create little stories…

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