Swipe Fatigue: How online dating is failing us
Jasmine Sachar

I agree in general, but would like to point out that before dating apps existed, when people would meet each other, for example, in a nightclub on saturday night, chances of getting serious with someone were also very slim. You say you had 27 dates, I prefer to frame them as “27 random dudes”. At the age of 26 I lowered my expectations a LOT, and then I met my current husband of 9 years (online, but on a social network. there was a lot of talk before we met, cause he didn’t live in my country). It is normal to meet 27 strangers and not getting serious with any of them; serious or ‘half-serious’ relationships are the exception always (or should be, if the person is not self-delusional). I still think it’s a small data you have. I think dating without this kind of expectation would make things much easier; just focus on having a good time with someone who seems to be nice and that’s it.

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