Journalism Bootcamp Reflection

This semester I decided to take a class that would improve my writing. As an aspiring reporter majoring in digital media, I find myself sometimes missing the art of writing. Marquette’s Journalism Bootcamp class opened me up to many opportunities to improve not only my writing but reporting skills, as well.

When coming to Marquette, I struggled declaring my major because I wasn’t sure if I should go towards journalism or digital media. The first day of Journalism Bootcamp, I knew I would have a decent background in journalism by the end of the course, and I definitely do.

Cross-platform media is incredibly important in today’s world so it is crucial to know how to write for press but also broadcast and television. I didn’t realize how important this was until working on my One Love at Marquette feature story. I realized the importance of including visuals like photo and video to give the audience another way to receive the article. It wasn’t a complete report of the article on video, but I was able to capture the essence of the people I interviewed and their care for the cause I was writing about with video.

In addition, this course taught me the importance of sharing my work on social media. I hadn’t been a huge advocate for tweeting articles I wrote prior to this course because I didn’t feel confident enough. For International Women’s Day, I tweeted my article and had great feedback. One Love’s official Twitter account retweeted my article and many others did, as well, because of the hashtag I was using. I learned the importance of using hashtags to spread my writing to the public. Social media makes it so easy to find information or a specific topic so it is crucial to use it as much as possible. This is something I have implemented into my life and will continue to even with my videos. I have grown confidence in my abilities and want to show others the topics I feel passionate about.

While I am working towards a career as a television news reporter, I have come to appreciate the art of writing and know it is something that will always be in my life. I have began using a journal more often and try to always keep a notebook on me for random ideas I have for stories. I went into this course expecting to learn about print, but was able to gain experience in various other types of media including video with my Global News Relay piece. I even was able to improve upon my anchoring skills with this project.

Journalism Bootcamp allowed me to step into the world of journalism and strengthened the passion behind my decision to be a reporter.

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