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Juliana Gomez
Sep 27, 2018 · 2 min read

I’ve been holding a love/hate relationship with Twitter recently. On one hand I hate it because it’s loaded with negativity and hate, things that weight me down more than I need. On the other though, I’ve had some amazing, life-bettering interactions on the site.

One tweet I caught recently was this one from Aaron Gustafson:

Ya’ll know I love mentorship — I’ve tried holding a mentorship program of my own and I gush about folks who’ve mentored me and influenced me in tech since I started. When I read Aaron’s blog, I got really excited about the possibility to be mentored by him so here’s my application!

Why you love the Web?

The web is the great equalizer! Or at least it has the potential to be. I’m constantly fascinated by the way the web has given access to knowledge to folks who didn’t have it, who then use it to gain resources that make their lives better. For a concrete example, I think of my friend Ivan who grew up in a low income neighbourhood in Medellin. Ivan’s family didn’t have enough money to send him to great schools but they did have enough money to pay for a computer and for the internet. Ivan taught himself to program, swung from one job to the next and now he makes enough to support his aging parents. Stories like this warm my heart with a corny love for the Web.

What you love about working on it (or aspire to work on)?

I love JavaScript! Because it was relatively easy to learn and because you can do so many things with it now, JS has a bit of my heart now.

Because my love for the web stems from the power it has to change lives and equalize, I love working on accessibility. I imagine a world where everyone is equal on the web and I think it starts from prioritizing those who we’ve left behind.

What your goals are for the coming year of your career?

For this next year, I want to work on creating a strong portfolio of accessible sites and apps so that in a year I can look for a remote job. I hope that with a remote job I can support my community in Colombia through scholarships and connections so that more people can upgrade their skills, get better jobs and improve their lives.

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