Photo Facials

The face of an individual is what everyone regards first. It is also the face that leaves a lasting impression. Then it makes sense why people go to so much trouble trying to improve their facial skin. Using moisturizer, trimming your eyebrows, and getting rid of acne and wrinkles are all helpful in having an attractive face. Many men and women in Illinois visit their dermatologist or skin spas once a month religiously to get facial treatment done, to maintain youthful looks. What if you could do more?

What are Intense Pulsed Light Photo Facials?

We all have heard of the colloquially used term ‘facials.’ It included deep cleaning of the face and a facial massage that rejuvenates the skin. This treatment usually takes close to two hours. Now there is a new facial treatment giving better results and it uses lasers. It is non-ablative and non- invasive meaning that your skin is safe. Intense pulse light (IPL) photo facials are so much more than the traditional facial treatments because it is gentle and corrects many skin problems — including rosacea, freckles, sun spots, facial veins, wrinkles, and fine lines.

How does this work?

Lasers are being favored by medical experts in every field, no less in the field of dermatology. They are very safe and highly efficient, cutting down treatment times by about half the duration of conventional methods. IPL emits light using a broad range of wavelengths. These are filtered to make the output more refined. Therefore, even lower layers of the skin can be accessed without any disruption at the skin surface. The high energy light waves used by IPL are ideal for deep penetration and they correct skin discoloration by squeezing the blood vessels that lie in the dermis. They also stimulate the production of collagen, which is a structural protein of the skin.

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