What’s Actually Funny Anymore?

I was scrolling through my Facebook and decided to write this because, why not? Scrolling through my feed I see it’s someone’s birthday. I don’t really like the person, but I say “Happy Birthday” anyways. I keep scrolling, just to see if there’s anything that I’ve missed the day before. From people talking about there struggles to people re-posting quotes from tumblr, there’s not much anything new since yesterday. Scrolling, I keep scrolling, out of boredom, you can find me on Facebook, or twitter, or any social media website actually. But this is about Facebook. I scroll, for what seems days, weeks, years even and I find myself stopping at this one video. This one video that was reposted by somebody I knew. So I clicked, and watched it. It looked like it was supposed to be a funny video, a funny vine, a funny whatever it was because of the half laughing half crying emoji besides it. Honestly, after watching a few seconds through, I had to stop. It wasn’t a funny video, it wasn’t in the least bit funny. The video was honestly just a video of two people fighting. Both girls, one pulling the others hair out while the other is trying to get back to safety. Except safety was no where. There were too many people around them, crowding them, taking videos of them. I mean, that’s how this video became viral in the first place. It starts with a fight, or friends together doing something risky. Then someone’s gets hurt or someone does something stupid that can actually cause them to get hurt. After it happens it becomes visual, seen by everyone on every social media you can think of. You might think it’s funny now, laughing at the girl who got beat up at school and having barely any hair left. You might think it’s funny that she got hurt. But, what if you did? What if you were a part of something like this or did something that you thought wouldn’t cause any pain but actually did? What if whatever happened gets posted on Facebook and becomes viral? It’s not so funny when you’re the person in the video. What makes these videos funny? I remember this one video I watched. A group of boys were trying to jump onto a dock that was frozen in the water a few feet from land. I remember watching the first boy jump and make it onto the dock. I remember hearing his friends say “awww” like they were disappointed in there friend that he made it. The next person went, and missed, hitting hardly on the ice and fell through it in the cold water. His friends laughed. What’s actually funny anymore? It’s not funny when people get hurt or say/do stupid things, that’s for sure. I don’t understand how people find things like that funny. These are things I see all over my Facebook feed. Only when people get hurt it’s funny. Today in Science class I nearly fell, tripping over a chairs leg while walking to go back to my seat. The boy a few feet away from me looked at me and laughed. Funny right? If I fell it would’ve been so much more funnier. What’s actually funny anymore? I know that you can’t actually say a joke anymore and have it be funny like it used to be. I’ve tried. Classic jokes even. But I guess everyone just laughs at the people who get hurt, because that’s the only thing that’s funny now in the 21st century.

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