Snapchat the Uncut Version of Life

Snapchat has a more insight look at the real lives of celebrities, friends, family, and businesses too! It is the unpolished, non-curated view of the world that these companies and people live in. When users see someone’s snap, they are able to feel more connected to a company, because it is more valued on snapchat. It is harder to have a scripted video or posed picture on snapchat. It is meant for more of those candid moments, and selfies that we love so much. Thus, snapchat has a win over social websites like Facebook or Twitter, said Jason Keath, that once you login in you see a ton of written feed. While on snapchat, you see the camera either facing you or out to the world. I feel that this is true, because when I watch Buzzfeed’s snaps I can see the behind the scenes of them in the office space or the employees making their videos. We sometimes, just see the workers just goofing off with one another and I feel like I am part of their group. When I see my friends snap in other countries, I feel as if I am right there with them exploring and having fun. This is what makes snapchat so great and different from Facebook’s live feed or Instagram’s highlight videos that people post. It is not too hard to find the videos and they also make you want to watch them because they will disappear in 24 hours. So, if you missed watching someone’s funny snap from the previous day, there is no going back to try and find it again. You just have to pray that they share another great moment of their lives again soon. Key take away: Big and small businesses should try to utilize Snapchat if they can. It is a great tool to connect with your community, audience and future clients.

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