A Small Introduction Of Haqbahu Books

Hazrat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo could not receive formal education due to early demise of his father. Yet, the man followed his spiritual instincts and wrote around 140 books that came to be known as haqbahu books. He wrote all these books in Persian except for one book called as “Abiyaat-e-Bahoo” which h chose to write in Punjabi. People who translated his books often said that they could not locate the original manuscript of these books but could only find the ones written by his spiritual successors. As per Sultan-ul-Arifeen, one of the prime translators of his books, he had to face many problems due to unavailability of the original manuscripts. All the real work was lost as Sultan Bahu’s successors kept it in their boxes and refrained from spreading it. 
On the other hand, Hazarat Sakhi Sultan Bahoo Alayh mentioned in Ain-ul-Faqr that he and Mohammad Mustafa Sall’Allahu Alayhi Wa’alihi Wasallam never received formal educations. They were directly bestowed with divine knowledge that opened the doors of larger than life lessons and experiences for them. As per him these lessons could not be expressed even through infinite number of books. It is quite similar to Quran records that were never discovered as original ones written by Hazrat Mohammad. Both these supreme souls gave their lessons verbally which were then penned down by their followers on papers. Most of these successors and translators received original manuscripts which were later translated by next generations of these saints. Every single person who took responsibility of simplifying these verses first confirmed the lessons from sources and translated those only after confirmation. 
Haqbahu books are masterpieces in terms of divine knowledge. He explains in them that if an individual fails to find murshid, his books will become a murshid and that person’s channel to reach Allah. In Risala Roohi Sharif he explains that is a saint finds himself or herself demoted or dropped from celestial world or position, he may consider this Risala has his source of meditation and it will definitely help that person in restoring his position in heavens. The best thing about Sultan Bahu’s books is his language; it is pretty straight and simple and can be understood even by those with least education and wisdom. You can find his lessons in form of free eBooks and free audio books on several online sites.

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