The Anti-Corporate Chronicles

I started working for a company less than a year ago, and in my brief time there, whilst I did enjoy the autonomy I had been given I had also seen 4 people being made redundant, and an additional 5 people leave including myself.

Before starting there, I was self employed for a direct sales company, so not only were the concepts of being on a payroll, having a payslip, a pension, having student loan taken out every month, bonuses, and a “set wage” completely new to me; but the whole idea of having my job as well as livelihood being stripped away from me at the click of a finger by the management and directorial team was something that didn't sit well with me for a number of reasons.

We worked in the service industry, the amount of money that went into the business was dependent on two things:

  1. The sales that were generated by the internal sales team.
  2. Inbound sales that came of the back of the brand.

The people that had control over those two factors were obviously the management and the sales people. However the people that were made redundant had no control whatsoever and from my observation had done their “jobs” diligently and respectfully for a number of years.

The point I’m wanting to get at here is the fact that so long as someone else is signing my pay slip especially within a corporate environment, there will never be any sense of ownership. Be careful, and take charge of your life.

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