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Back to the Temple

Part 17 of ‘Jumbled up in Jerusalem’


After all the interruptions, he was able to get back to his own agenda and he started preaching in the Temple, it was his turn to cause confusion and irritation.

‘Why does everyone bang on about the ‘Messiah’ being King David’s son? In one of his poems David himself said:
The Lord said to my Lord
Sit next to me
And I will conquer your enemies
If David calls him ‘Lord’, how can he be his son?’

The huge crowds enjoyed listening to him, because the scholars had no answers, so here’s one — David was talking about himself.

He continued to teach them, ‘Beware of the scholars, they enjoy being seen in their fine clothes and being greeted with respect in the market, getting the best seats in the synagogue and the top table at dinner parties. They take advantage of the poor and pray fancy prayers. Judgement Day is waiting for them, big time.’

Jesus sat opposite the collection buckets, watching the crowd give their money to the Temple. The rich threw in enormous amounts, the buckets clanging with their huge coins, but a poor woman dropped in two tiny coins, hardly worth anything. Jesus called his followers and said,

‘Look lads, this poor woman has given more than anyone. The wealthy didn’t even notice what they were giving, even though they made a godawful racket doing it, it was just small change to them. But she had nothing and gave it all.’

As they were leaving the Temple one of his followers shouted, several days after they had first come there, ‘What grand buildings, they look indestructible!’ Jesus said, ‘”Grand”, “indestructible?!” Before long they’ll be smashed to nothing.’ The ‘Devil’ was next to him, ‘Hey, you’re stealing my material!’ He sat down on a nearby hill, looking at the Temple buildings. His followers said, breathlessly, ‘Tell us about the destruction. Can you prove it? When will it happen?’

Jesus said, ‘Don’t get too excited! Keep your eyes open, but don’t listen to rumours. You will be arrested and asked why you follow me. But don’t worry about it, I’m with you. People will turn against each other and ‘everyone’ will hate you, but don’t give up.

When you see the Temple being dissed, run away. Don’t collect your stuff, just get away. It could be much worse though, if God wasn’t in control. If anyone tells you ‘the Messiah is here’, just say ‘yeah, right’. Everything will be shaken up and it will be a dark time.

But I’ll appear and collect my people.

Look at the trees, when the blossom comes you know that spring is near. Everything will be destroyed, except what I have told you. And no one knows how long you will have to wait, not even me, but be ready at all times!’

Part 18, ‘Betrayal’


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