In the Graveyard

Part 8 of ‘Jumbled up in Jerusalem’

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Crossing the lake they went to Gerasa. Jesus got out of the boat and a man who regularly had psychotic episodes came out of the graveyard to meet him. He lived there because the locals wouldn’t let him live in the town and no one could calm him down or restrain him when he had an episode. He cried out all day and night and cut himself, there was nothing good going on in his life. He saw Jesus on the shore and rushed to him, he fell on his knees in front of him and shouted, ‘Have you come to punish me, Jesus, God’s Special One? Promise you won’t be cruel to me.’ Then Jesus asked him, ‘What’s your name?’ — ‘Legion’ (he had a multiple personality disorder). He begged Jesus again and again to let him hang on to his different personalities. All the shouting and screaming, even more than usual, disturbed a large herd of pigs (the Jews weren’t keen on pigs) so much that they stampeded into the lake. At least that’s the story people tell.

The pig farmers ran off and told people in the town and said, ‘An interfering Jewish mystic has cured Screaming Zombie, frightened all the pigs and they’ve drowned.’ Everyone went to see for themselves and when they reached Jesus they saw the man from the graveyard sitting calmly. Even though it turned out well for this troubled soul they couldn’t cope with it and pleaded for Jesus to go. As Jesus was getting in the boat the healed man begged to go too. But Jesus wouldn’t let him, ‘Go home and tell everyone how God has restored you.’ So he returned and told everyone in the Ten Cities area what Jesus had done for him, everyone was stunned.

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