Mark’s Gospel Chapter 2

Originally posted on Facebook in 2010

From: Westminster Chapel

Read Mark 2 here, or the ‘Jumbled up in Jerusalem’ version here.

This is an overview so this is short:

Jesus takes upon himself divine prerogatives (2.5–7), but doesn’t answer the concerns of the religiously orthodox in a clear or direct way (the knowledge theme).

He introduces the ‘Son of Man’ concept (compare the Son of Man figure in the furnace with Daniel’s friends). The Son of Man ‘has authority on earth to forgive sins’, suggesting God’s representative, like Moses, without claiming divine status [wait till later]. The outcome is astonishment, praising of God and affirmations of the uniqueness of events such as these. Jesus is also continuously watched, criticised and put in situations where he can be trapped (like Daniel, or Mordecai in Esther?), examples are 1.27, 2.7,16,24, 3.2.

Miraculously Jesus is never caught until right at the end, even then he knows who will betray him and when. He gets away with saying things like ‘the Son of Man is lord even of the sabbath’ (2.28), very clear blasphemy in Jesus’ day. The narrative records no response to this so we begin to wonder about what the author is communicating, questions are being raised in our minds. The implication is that what Jesus says is self-evidently true and that even his enemies could not logically deny it, although they apparently did. The narrative skates around issues like this.