Surah 32: As-Sajdah, Prostration

‘The revelation of the Book, without a doubt, is from the Lord of the Universe. Yet they say, “He made it up.” In fact, it is the Truth from your Lord’ (v.2, 3)

Many arguments about truth are fruitless and contain little truth in them. It’s difficult to say whether this is ironic … Focusing on the theme of the Truth of the Qur’an continues the theme of the last blog (Luqman). In Islam the Qur’an has a similar function and status to Jesus in Christianity. It’s not too hard to think of the Qur’an describing itself as ‘The Way, The Truth and The Life’. When I referred to this verse (John 14.6) in the previous blog I received this response on Twitter:

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The Way and the Truth are certainly covered by Quranic texts and the third is at least implicit. Does this create an argument with Jesus? Not necessarily. Apart from dogma, as mentioned in another blog, Divine Truth is about Divine Words and Divine Presence.

It is perfectly possible for anyone to say to Jesus or the Qur’an, when they make Truth claims — ‘Oh no you’re not!’ Neither takes away this right not to be convinced. If you really require extra persuasion then the Truth is not speaking to you, your own truth lies elsewhere.

So Truth is about the Divine Essence and the Divine Heart, reaching out and connecting to the human heart, this is how any of us, including Muhammad and Jesus, know that what seem to be God’s Words are true. And if it is a knowing of the heart that is why we cannot, and should not pressure others with the ‘facts’. We may also want to think twice before evangelising or doing dawah (‘inviting people to the Way of your Lord’).

The Qur’an is less concerned than the Bible with facts, though this outlook may be limited to Luke’s Gospel. It’s Truth is God’s Word from the Divine Heart to the human heart. This may sound like where we started out in ‘The Opening’, perhaps a fitting reflection as I near the end of Ramadan and this blog series, though there are still 82 Surahs to go.

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