The end?

The final part of ‘Jumbled up in Jerusalem’


Read Part 18 ‘Betrayal’

After the Sabbath had finished, Mary of Magdala, the other Mary and Salome bought spices to preserve Jesus’ body. At dawn on the Sunday they went to the tomb, wondering how they would move the stone. But, when they got there, it was moved already. They went into the tomb and saw a young man (an ‘angel’) in a white robe, sitting on the right and they were very distraught. But he said, ‘Don’t worry, I know you’re looking for Jesus of Nazareth. He’s not here, he’s alive! This is where his body was. Go and tell his followers he’s gone back to Galilee, you’ll see him there, he told you before he was arrested.’ They rushed out and ran off, terrified and stunned, they were so afraid that they didn’t tell anyone …

This is where the original story ends, other people telling the story added lots of creative details, but it looks like the original storyteller either wanted to leave the reader with a question or they already knew what happened next. The story of Jesus, a remarkable man, and more, was complete.

But there is more! Read ‘Jumbled up in Jerusalem’ and find out why I (re-)wrote Jesus’ story.


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