My Experiences in a Coding Bootcamp for 2 Months

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What is A Coding Bootcamp?

“a military training camp for new recruits, with strict discipline.”

And the definition of Coding Bootcamp according to is :

“a technical training program that teaches the programming skills that employers look for. Coding bootcamps enable students with little coding proficiency to focus on the most important aspects of coding and immediately apply their new coding skills to solve real-world problems.”

So basically it is a training on programming with a strict discipline. But the thing about is that is really powerful is that it only teaches us a certain “skills” or “language”. There are a lot of programming language out there and it can be really overwhelming to learn them all. So the solution to the problem is by making a coding bootcamp that focus on the basic of programming in general and a specific programming language.

What Do You Do At A Coding Bootcamp?

Now I am on phase one after finishing my phase 0 with a pretty good score. I can go through Phase 0 without any major problem because I have been learning Javascript for a while. Without an experience in javascript and programming I couldn’t do that well. Phase 1 until 3 is called “Immersive Phase”.

At Phase 1 I go to the bootcamp everyday from 9 AM to 6 PM. Sometimes I go back home later at night because of unfinished assignments at the bootcamp. So for a typical day in immersive phase we have 2 lecture for 1 hour-1,5hour. Rest of the time we spend is on the practical stuffs on the things we have learned at the lecture. The bootcamp also give assignments on the weekend usually to make us understand everything we have learned the week before.

My Opinions on Coding Bootcamp 💻

  1. For me a coding bootcamp is a great solution for people who want to dig deeper into programming or a certain programming language in a short time. Because it is usually shorter in time to a CS Degree.
  2. Coding bootcamp is also a great thing to enroll because everything that we will learn in it focus on the important part of programming and language. They also give a real world example problem for our assignments so that we can have a knowledge on it even before we graduate.
  3. The thing I love the most in the bootcamp is they mentor system. Mentor is a very crucial thing in every aspect of life. Before I enter the bootcamp I don’t have any mentor on web development and I don’t know what to do when I have a problem. Now because the lecturers become our mentor, I can really improve a lot by their guidance in the web development world.
  4. I also love being on a bootcamp because of the community. Before joining the bootcamp I have small amount of friend who code. I can not talk about the tech industries with them and I don’t know where to talk to. Now I have a lot of friends with the same passion so it is a fun thing to be able to connect with a lot of developers on the bootcamp.
  5. The last thing is in a bootcamp they have a very structured curriculum that has been improved over time. So it will always be up to date and helps us in many ways.

Cons :

  1. Because of the short time the bootcamp has I feel like the pace is so fast and if you don’t focus everyday you can be left behind. Every day or even every lecture can be a different things to learn.
  2. Coding bootcamp also took most of the time in our day so I feel like I can’t do anything else beside of the coding bootcamp assignments. Sometimes I really want to explore something else but after I got home I feel so tired and go straight to bed.
  3. You must go all in on it. Don’t get me wrong, I love going all in on things that I do. I was a freelancer before and now I don’t even have time to do client works because of the overwhelming assignments on the bootcamp. So the only way to do it is by hustling until midnight after the bootcamp. It can totally reduces your sleep time and that is totally a bad thing to do since you have to wake up so early in the next morning.

So, do I recommend joining a coding bootcamp?

I also suggest that you should study the curriculum first before entering the bootcamp and see if it is the thing you need or else it will be a waste of money. Prepare everything you need, never stop learning, and don’t ever give up even in a difficult situation!

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