Everything I’ve ever wanted

and more.

2017 was a wild year. That’s all I can really say about it.

And I’m ready to begin a new one.

I’m not really one to commemorate a new year. Really. If you knew me irl, you’d know that a new year is just another excuse for people to celebrate, party, go back to the gym, and mess up the number when they’re writing it on a piece of paper.

But this year, I feel something different. I can honestly say that this new year is going to bring me everything I’ve wanted and more. Not because it’s a new year, but because I’m going to actively work on making that happen.

Every day.

No bullshit. No beating myself up. No accepting less than I deserve.

No feelings of obligation to say yes. No hatred. No nonsense.

Just love to myself, first, others second. More time spent on the things that will push me towards my goals. More time spent with the one I love. More time spent being grateful. More time studying. More time practicing self-care. More time writing. More time laughing. More everything. More love.

2018 will be the year of love and self-love.

2018 will be everything I’ve ever wanted and more because I’m going to work for it.

Here’s to a new year!

A goal I’ve set for myself is try writing every day. It doesn’t matter how much I write as long as I get something written (or typed.) Maybe I’ll commit to using Medium as my journal instead of my paper one. Who knows?

The only rule is that I must try to write every day and I am not allowed to beat myself if I can’t do it on any given day. Just the fact that I’m making this goal publicly known is enough to show that I am going to try my hardest.

Thanks for the good year, and here’s to a new one!

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