In an extremely digital age, we miss the human touch.

You can tell it by the frequent use of modern fonts that imitate handwriting, calligraphy or hand-lettering. And that’s just one example.

Dear Sarah font (screenshot)

Just look around.

Handmade stopped being just the next trend a long time ago.

It’s here to stay.

You can spot it on restaurant menus, in clothing design, beer or wine labels, on the walls inside a coffee shop, in TV commercials, YouTube videos and even on your girlfriend’s (or someone else’s) panties.

CSS on paper

A new CSS style for double-underlining hyphenated words

I thought it would be nice if one day we could have a way in CSS to style hyphenated words.

The idea came from the way I was used to underline those while taking notes in my diary notebook.

First, you have a line that underlines the whole compound adjective.

And then, beneath that you have a separate underline for each word it consists of.

How to give a natural feel to a digital artwork

I love creating digital artworks. Especially such that later serve as album covers. Years ago I would create everything by just using Photoshop and other digital software. However, pure digital collages never gave me 100% pleasure because, even though I’m not a pro at painting, since I was very little I always had great fun drawing, doodling and sketching. Most photoshopped artworks look somewhat plastic to me.

So, that’s why I started combining both digital and hand-painted elements such as textures, paint-splats and whatever comes in handy for each piece…

J D'Bones

Hi, my name's Julian and I help people who produce content present their ideas in a sexy way so that they can sell more, faster and better.

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