Do not get her started on ‘Happy?”

Unless you want to hear a short existential lecture.

Happy? I don’t know. Why do you want to throw me into a category? Works, married, children, happy… (What kind of interrogation is that? )

Everything feels right… whereas ‘Happy’ needs to be defined. I don’t define things, I just live my life.

“Happy’ implies that one must be stagnant in a certain state of being, whereas everything around us, and we are, fluid. Human bodies are made almost 70% of water.

So today I am, what you call, happy, tomorrow I am sad, after tomorrow I am melancholic, next week I’m abrupt, overly whiny, mean, aggressive, and most likely will ignore you.

But if you are asking weather I am happy NOW, then yes, I feel happy, now. I’m going to take a nap and go to the gym.”

End of a message to a person she hasn’t seen for a few years.

Did he expect short answers to the most common questions the world had faced? Not the case with a social engineer.

Nothing is wrong with those questions such as “What do you do for living” and “what do you do for fun”.

But how do they make you feel?

But is there something else about humans?

For every common question we’ve learnt to ask from somebody else because they asked us before, there is a question that shows real interest and attention to that particular person. People don’t need to be starting a business on motorized skateboards in a ski resort to not be boring. If we all dig properly.

(Exercise on that provided below.)

“What do you do when you are not doing what you are doing for living?” What makes you who you are? What took you so long? (from the last Bond movie), “why are both of your socks same colour?” “Have you just sprayed some cologne on your self?” “What do you toss into a laundry machine when nobody’s watching?” “What are people’s unusual wishes?”

That was what the social engineer asked her 12 year old student on a skype ESL lesson one February morning :

The student was smart enough to have done a proper research on the subject, and not mention how she sourced the info. It must have been personal observations on classmates, what a friend shared with her, and online materials.

Unusual wishes

  1. Flying
  2. Skin of different colors
  3. A star named after their name
  4. Red sky
  5. To be like Angelika, fat and skinny, and then back to fat and again skinny
  6. A live teddy bear
  7. To see how monkey is holding the world on top of an elephant on top of a turtle
  8. To live in a pony world
  9. Frog on Tverskoi street in Moscow, hold her head in her hands
  10. To do video blogging not being afraid that people will laugh at it

A star named after your name? Wouldn’t that make you HAPPY?

*Simple exercise on getting random:

  1. Face a mirror and ask the most unusual questions you can come up with
  2. Ask next person you talk to questions you have never asked anyone before
  3. Dare yourself to ask 3 odd questions a day (when nobody around, aim at yourself)
  • make your list of 10 unusual wishes