Get a Raise

Get a raise:

Why I like it at Target.

The hours are good the people are nice.

I like seeing my videos on QVC

It’s an exciting environment with a lot

Happening and that’s stimulating for me. With the addition of Carter I’m excited to push Target’s photo/video even farther. Employee culture has improved a bunch since I’ve started working here. I genuinely enjoy working here so would like to stay.

-No insurance through the job

-Regular day rate on the outside is $900/day. I am booked on the days I’m not here.

-no set raise schedule. Been over a year since last raise

-use own camera equipment

-My personal expenses have gone up (maybe don’t mention this)

-if you can’t meet my desired rate of $1000/day then I’ll seek employment elsewhere.

  • check Day rates against other agency’s or videographer photographers at our level

How many videos have we done in total.

How many products have I launched ?

How many lifestyle shoots have I done?

How many boxes have I done?

Manage the entire photo and video ecosystem at Storebound.

I show a great level of consistency with a very high production value.