Mr Rothenberg,

That’s one of the most beautiful things I have ever read.

And by the way your english is superb,so there is no need for excuses.

I actually never realized how important Lexa was for so many people and I can understand their anger and sadness.

But the problem is,that many of them don’t know or understand the circumstances that have lead to this decision in the first place.

Most important of all,Alycia is still a lead in Fear TWD and therefore it got harder and harder to shoot with her for The100 and as a showrunner it makes life quite difficult when you are unable to plan with a character.

Further the descison the link Lexas faith with the evolving storyline was made halfway through the season and it also made perfectly sense in my opinion,this show has to move on and can’t focus on their struggle with the grounders for much longer,since they did from the beginning of show.

I can’t really tell why people hated the way Lexa died,because Jason pointed out that he wanted to underline the fragility of life by killing her off after her night with Clarke and it also had to happen in a way,that Clarke learns the truth about the flame.

I personally would have loved to see them just for two more episodes,to experience how they would interact and speak with each other,now after they fell in love,that would have been a great finish to their lovestory.

This is the only point I criticise but it also reminds you that life’s a bitch and in what a cruel and violent world they live.

I think we should be grateful to have had such a great character in this show,but her death shouldn’t be the reason to stop watching The100.

It never was and never will be a show about romance and love,it is about surviving and nobody is safe.