Berlin was not better before
Danilo Sierra

Totally true. Danilo is right, and every jaded, misinformed UK/US sourced article on Berlin is wrong. I’ve been here a decade, and it’s even better now. Case in point: the English-language comedy open-mic scene. Hardly existed four years ago, there were just a couple of cabaret nights. Now there’s a dozen thriving open mics all over Berlin, and a stack of new comedians, male and female, from Syria, America, Brazil, Lebanon, Holland, Benin, Taiwan, Wales, Russia, getting serious stage time. Nights like We Are Not Gemüsed are putting on high quality, curated shows, and nights like Cosmic Comedy and Sunday Slips and Adorable Creatures are giving early-stage comedians a warm, safe, fun place to learn and grow. Petri Dish, Night Sweats, Monday Night Mics, Choco Late, Badfish, Go West, The Nose… BEST VERSION OF BERLIN EVER!