Business attributes

I have difficulties connecting to people of my own ages.

Born as an introvert and highly critical person (which translate into quiet judgmental af asshole), I don’t like small talks, meaningless discussions of things such as how hard someone partied last night or other people’s lives, and saying things just to say it. Once I talk to someone, I usually fuck it up with inappropriate comments (but that’s what I thought and I meant you no harms).

The dilemma here is that I want to have my own business someday. It’s commonly known in this world that you can’t succeed unless you are an extrovert or at least really good at socializing and make other people enjoy your company. That drained my energy real quick. In, like, 5 minutes. I used to have terrible doubts about myself, whether or not I am doing this just to please my mom.

However, I realize now that if I want to please my mom, I could have just gone to medical school. That’s where all my cousins and relatives who are successful went. I go to business for a reason.

And that’s to help others. I want to create something that change other people’s lives. I want to positively affect someone and I want to see a smile on their faces when they are successful because of my products.

And I would not let my introversion and awkwardness fuck it up. My desire to help others is much stronger than social norms. I would never be the person who does amazing business by leveraging his connections with virtually everyone’s on the globe. However, I will still do business in my own way, that’s connect with others that believe in my vision and create real products with real values for the world.

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