My greatest influencer

I was practically raised by my grandmother my whole childhood. I can only recall vaguely the roles of my parents in my life. They were just never there emotionally for me and my brother. There was just my grandma.

She taught me many things that form the basic of my core values in later life. She taught me to be truthful and honest to people. She taught me to love people unconditionally and always forgive. She taught me to never give up and to be open for new things no matter who you are or how old you are. Better yet, she taught me all these by practicing these everyday herself. She loved her neighbors and talked to people with the warmest smile on her face. She never gossiped or bad-mouthed anybody. She forgave every petty things she had ever had someone done to her, even if it was her daughter in law and her own son. She was always there for me and could give away everything she had to talk to me, even though sometimes I didnt want to. She struggled with many different businesses in her life. Yet she never gave up, but continously work in many different fields to send 3 of her kids to college in the capital city. She learned chess and even attempted to learn English from me when she was 60s something, and she really appreciated any knowledges she acquired.

I would never forget going home in the afternoon, seeing her focusing over a game of chess by herself. She became such a good chess player that she repeatedly beat me and my brother in many games. She would rather spending her freetime practicing chess by herself than watching TV or doing any passive activities that people do nowadays, saying they dont have the energy or time to do anything else.

I would also never forget how many times I passed by her and went straight to my room to get indulged to whatever exciting activities I had back then.

Not to get over dramatic, but I would literally trade anything I have now to have her back. The biggest regret of my young life was that I didnt really appreciate the time I had with her, until it was too late. Now no matter what I do, I could not have any single moment with her again. I feel so helpless like that sometimes.

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