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Affirmations: How I tripled My Income And Investments In 4 months

Julian Hierro
Jan 11, 2018 · 2 min read

First, I have to say I’m not religious (I’m an atheist), nor I believe in higher powers, nor ghosts, nor miracles.

I believe in science, and in the things that happen because of science.

Please keep that in mind while you read this article.

How did I start?

Exactly on October 10 2017, I listened to podcast by Tim Ferriss where he was interviewing Scott Adams, the creator of Dilbert.

In the episode, Scott mentioned affirmations.

He says, affirmations work the following way: you write something you want 15 times everyday as if it was happening now, and then you wait.

If you want to make $20k/ month.

Then you write.

I’m making $20k/month. 15 times.

If you want to read 1 book per week.

Then you write.

I’m reading 1 book/week. 15 times.

That’s it.

That’s what I did it. Every.Day.

My first affirmation was: I’m making 10k/month.

Yeap, I wrote that 15 times everyday.

At the time, I also had some money saved up and was looking for investment opportunities. I had an opportunity which promised me 8% return per year.

What happened?

Long story short. Since I started doing that, I have received two raises and have tripled my salary in 4 months.

I also dismissed the 8% investment, and ended up investing my money in other opportunities which ended up more than tripling my initial investment in 4 months.

Now, I’m not saying that the affirmations are the reason all of these things happened.

But the coincidences are astonishing.

How did this happened?

I’m not sure.

I am sure this isn’t magical.

I think that when you write a goal every day 15 times, your brain starts paying attention to the opportunities around you.

Unconsciously, you find ways to accomplish your goal.

And that’s what I started doing… I found new ways to add more value to my company, I started studying and paying attention to investment opportunities.

And it worked.

Call To Action

Give it a try, start writing your goal 15 times/ day and let me know what happens :-).

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