How I Took Myself From Failure To Success And How You Can Do It Too

My first job was in sales.

I hated it.

I felt like the phone was sucking the life out of me.

1,200 cold calls in a month.

0 sales.

My confidence and self-esteem hit the last basement in the building.

I felt like the biggest failure in the world.

I felt useless.

I left the job. Of course.

Months passed by…

One day I decided to build a product.

I’m really good at exercise and nutrition, I’ve always known how build diets and routines, either for muscle gain or for fat loss.

So, I read a couple of nutrition books to refresh my knowledge and started offering online nutrition consultations.

I reached out to friends to offer my services.

Word spread around my inner circle, and people started reaching out to me.

I even did some cold outreaches on social media (and was able to pick up some clients).

It was simple, I got on the phone and explained what my nutrition plan was about, and how it could help them achieve their goals.

I was Selling and I loved it!

The only difference is that this time I believed.

Believing made me excited to talk to people and tell them more.

It’s been almost a year, I’ve sold many nutrition plans and helped hundreds of people achieve their goals.

You need to sell too

“Your most important sale in life is to sell yourself to yourself.” — Maxwell Maltz

You’re not going to get too far in life without selling.

Everything you do is selling.

You’re selling yourself when:
you go to a job-interview.
you try to pick up someone at a bar.

You’re selling all the time.

Everything is a sale, whether you’re trying to land a book deal and become a best SELLING author, or convince your kids to eat the veggies instead of the ice-cream.

A good friend of mine who is a successful salesman once told me, “if a man knows how to sell his family will never go hungry.”

So here are 4 quick-tips on how to improve your sales skills:

1. Believe in what you’re selling

“When you believe in something, it’s not called sales. It’s called passion.” — Unknown

This is the most important requisite to sell.

If you’re not excited about what you’re selling, if you don’t truly believe in the product you’re selling, you’ll never be successful at it.

Unless you’re a master scam artist.

If you’re selling yourself, you need to believe in yourself.

If you’re selling your book, you better believe in the book.

If you’re selling software, you have to believe the software will help your customers.

You can’t sell what you don’t believe in.

2. Become a great listener

“Listening is being able to be changed by the other person.” — Alan Alda

If you want power over other people, if you want to be able to influence them, you first need to listen to them and understand them.

If you can understand them, then you’ll know how to frame your message so that it resonates.

Being a great listener is hard, most of us feel the urge to jump in and interrupt when talking to someone.

Listening is giving all of your brain power to the other person.

In his book, 7 Habits of Highly Effective People, Stephen Covey identifies 4 levels of listening:

1. Ignoring — You don’t care. 
2. Pretending — You deceive the other person into thinking that you’re listening. 
3. Selective Listening — You only listen to certain parts of the conversation. 
4. Attentive Listening — Paying attention and focusing on the words being said. 5. Empathic Listening — You see the world like the other person sees it and understand how they feel. On what level do you listen?

3. Learn to close

“You have to willing to lose if you’re truly committed to win.” — Unknown

Don’t be afraid to ask people for what you deserve.

Don’t undervalue yourself, or your work.

Don’t be afraid to get a “No.”

Don’t be afraid to be expensive.

Don’t be afraid to sell.

4. Let people know you exist

If no one knows you exist, no one will ever buy.

Even if you have the best product in the market.

You have to let people know that you’re out there.

The easiest way to do that, is to reach to people and tell them.

It’s that simple.

You will get rejections.

That’s ok, that’s healthy, you can’t be liked by everyone.

But that’s fine.

Every no gets you closer to the yes.
Reach out to people and tell them about what you’re doing.


“Be obsessed or be average” — Grant Cardone

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