How to Send an Apology Email

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Oops, I did it again…

When you spill the proverbial milk all over a marketing email, it can be tempting to hold your breath, cross your fingers and hope no one notices.

Your readers will certainly notice some things and they may not notice (or care about) others.

So should you send that apology?

Before sending an apology email, evaluate whether it’s worth it or not. When do you play it safe and apologize? And when do you leave it alone?

Ask yourself these two questions:

  • Would subscribers be inconvenienced if I didn’t send an apology?
  • Was it a bad enough mistake that I truly do owe them a heartfelt message of regret?

If you respond with a “yes” to either question, then here are different scenarios for when to send an apology email and how to write it.

Incorrect info

This one’s a given. If you send out incorrect information, you’re going to have to set the record straight with an email like this one from Wawa:

What we love about this: The email is short, sweet and to the point. Wawa also stays true to their brand with colorful and fun images to keep the email light.

Your takeaway: Don’t worry about spending paragraphs on paragraphs apologizing — note your mistake and then keep moving! This will also keep the email positive, and ensure it is a delightful for customers to read.

Though you can certainly give your readers a way to respond by linking back to your site, your emphasis should be squarely on the correction. Since your original message has people operating under false information, corrections are best sent out as soon as possible.

Read the full article here.