I think the best approach here is the one you describe in ‘Do not allow two copies of volatile data…
Bob Whitelock

Yes the solution you describe is what most people seem to be suggesting and I agree it gives a good balance of maintainability and safety. It has even been written up as a pattern here. I think there are still problems with it though. Firstly, it introduces a level of coupling between the layers of your app which is a bit distasteful. Secondly it implies that all state is either owned by _me_ or at the root level. I may have state that is owned by some intermediate component too. In that scenario, it seems I need _another_ derived model:

update: Msg -> RootState -> MiddleState -> Model -> ...

So again, it could get messy.

I still agree that it is the best practical solution but still don’t feel entirely happy with it.

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