Millennials: strangers keep writing, examining, and talking about us.


I’ve read the studies and descriptions of my generation and they say the same things. We’re glued to our smartphones, love the sharing economy, practice YOLO, anxious of FOMO, and optimistic about our future. We know too much about technology and older generations find it scary. And the younger generation (Gen-Z), thinks we’re already behind the times. Either we don’t Snapchat enough or we’re using Snapchat too much. I can never understand what a healthy amount of Snapchat is anyway.

All of this research has pointed out some odd, curious, and even interesting conclusions. But no Millennial wants to hear statistical findings about Millennials. Plus those stats might be adjusted in the next few hours if Adele releases her next single, “Goodbye.” We know who our generation is, we just don’t want to be a part of your marketing evaluations.

If you grew up with a computer, you’re a Millennial. If you grew up with a smartphone you’re a Gen-Z. I’m 25, one of the youngest Millennials. The oldest are in their mid 30s already. All of us had a Walkman, then a Discman, then these things called “MP3 players.” We were so cool. But as new technology exploded, our awareness for the world also grew tenfold. We saw the baby boomers before us as old and conceited. Maybe it was because of listing to more punk rock, maybe more NSYNC, maybe more music in general. In the 2000s we knew we were going to be radical and new and change the world in different ways. And we have.

Millennials will have set the tone for a the new generation of rebels. We broke through conservative civil rights laws, changed economic policies, and started a tsunami of innovation culture. We’re now bunch of 20 to 30-somethings who have figured out who we are and what we stand for. Soon we’ll be looking at the next generation for major changes in cultural fads, retail buying power, and eventually a new labor force. But right now, we’re hitting our stride. We are a strong economic force not to be reckoned with.

I might hate the stereotypes about my generation, but it’s these broad characteristics I’m also curious about. Studies and descriptions of my generation say the same things, which might be true to some extent. But deep down, every Millennial feels and knows we’re more diverse, more intelligent, and more special than older generations. Right now, we’re the most powerful economic, political, and cultural force in the U.S. We like to YOLO, we like our smartphones, we like networking. Just get out of our way as we finish up making our impact on the the world. Call us in 10 years.