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When I read about, watched and observed start-ups from afar, I thought that running a start-up is like playing poker. The founders are engaged in a risky, high-stakes game where there is only one winner and each player wants it to be them. Even when they know the game is slipping away from them, the stakes are too high to simply fold and walk away, it’s a game to the end, either you win big or you go home.

However, the truth is different. Actually working in an early stage start-up is like building a house with only a very basic blueprint. You are the architect, the structural engineer, the builder, the interior designer and the landscape expert, all of that under pressure of time and with very limited financial resources. The goal is to create a home that is not only unique but one that will stand for many years and only grow in value. …


Julian Lukaszewicz

Business Design, Strategy, Innovation and Design

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