I’m not “Black enough” for Inc. Magazine
Brian Brackeen

This resonates deeply for a number of reasons. I had a similar upbringing. I also constantly deal with a discounting of the various struggles that come packaged with building-while-black (which aren’t interesting if they can’t be distilled down to “food stamps and guvment cheese.”) and a discounting of the things we had that were foundational to our progress and born of our blackness.

How sick is it that a 2 parent household with good schools isn’t “black enough?” How sick is it that “too much blackness” and “not enough blackness,” are constantly used to subjugate, exhaust, and de-legitimize those of us in the 75%?

I continue to experience black stories crafted by media who get to punch out at 5, while we’re left to manage the cleaning up of the cutting-room floor. Exceptionalism that they don’t own isn’t worthy of making the cut.

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