Thank You for saving us, Wonder Woman.

I’m going to start by saying that I went into watching Wonder Woman having absolutely NO background on Wonder Woman at all. I went in blind. Never read a comic of hers, never watched the show, and never watched any other movie that might have been made about her or that had her in it. All I knew is that the lovely Lynda Carter played her on T.V. and she has a lasso of truth and a shield and a sword. THAT’S ALL. In general, I am not drawn to these comic book movies and I think the last one I saw in the theaters was Batman Begins or one of the other Batman's Christopher Nolan directed, and, I fell asleep. Not to say it was boring at all, but, again, I usually just have to be in the mood to watch them. Obviously, I was not on that particular day. However, I was definitely going to catch Wonder Woman in theaters. I was so looking forward to seeing a movie about a strong, female superhero. I was hoping it would be refreshing and inspiring and it was so much more than that.

This isn’t so much a review of the film as it is me singing it’s praises for all that it stands for. Since I have no Wonder Woman background, I don’t know if the film makers stayed true to the comics and all that. Given the rave reviews I have heard my comic crazed friends give it and knowing how anal they are about those kinds of things, I’m going to guess they stayed very true to the character throughout. So, maybe spoiler alert? Honestly, not sure, but, probably.

The first thing I noticed when I was about ten minutes into the film was that I hadn’t seen a male actor AT ALL. This is an island inhabited by nothing but women; strong, powerful, in control bad-ass women warriors. The film could have ended right there and I would have loved it (I’m super glad it didn’t though). These women are highly educated and can obviously take care of themselves. No damsels in distress here. Quite the opposite and about damn time! While these women are not unattractive, they are not sexualized at all and neither is Wonder Woman in the entirety of the film. In fact, she goes on to say that in all of her reading about men “sleeping/laying” with women she learned that, while men are required for reproduction, they are not required for sexual pleasure. Thank you, Wonder woman. THANK YOU. Check “refreshing” off of the expectations list.

Through a course of events she is taken into the world of man where all things are industry and development, and, well men themselves. However, she is on a mission and, come hell or high water, she will achieve it. She is determined and brave and full of integrity and morals. MORE refreshing characteristics. Yes, the character is written as a bit naive and I’m not sure if that is how she really is in comics or that’s how the writer chose to portray her, but, in no way is her naivety written as a weakness. If anything it’s a breath of fresh air to see a woman who is not jaded by society and man and just wants to do the right thing because that is all she has known her whole life and because IT’S RIGHT. What a beautiful way to grow up and an even more beautiful way to live.

It is because of her pure self that she is heartbroken when she sees men suffering in the trenches they have been forced to live in for years. (This is WWII) Wounded and bleeding out, left do die in dirt and mud and filth, like some sort of animal being punished for its sins. Perhaps mankind was being punished because of all the destruction it brought unto itself. But, Wonder Woman doesn’t see it like that. She does not judge. She wants to help and believes that love, not hate and violence, is the answer. Cue Wonder Woman removing the cloak she was forced to wear by man; a cloak that disguised her armor and, subsequently, her strength. Now she can be who she truly is and NOW we’ve got a powerful scene ahead. She single-handedly takes on I don’t even know how many different kind of guns and attacks (there were far too many to count) and, by doing so, rally’s the troops, if you will, and they follow her into battle. This is no blind following. They witness firsthand the powers this woman has and they know because of her integrity and values, she will NOT let anybody down. She can’t. She simply doesn’t know how.

We continue on with Wonder Woman and the rag tag team she’s had put together for her by the pilot that got her into this mess in the first place. All I mean by that is, the pilot is the reason she is where she is, and, to by clear, she is exactly where she needs to be. Of course, Wonder Woman comes face to face with who she is convinced is the God of War and in control of ALL of WWII and she WILL take him down. She is shocked to learn that, once taken care of, the war is still here. She got the wrong guy. She can’t believe it. She was so sure of herself. So confident. She did not doubt for one moment that she had the right person that whole time. This too, was so refreshing to see. A woman who didn’t doubt herself, even when all of the men around her were obviously more than just a bit skeptical of her belief of an almighty one figure of war. She believed in herself and that’s all the vindication she needed. So, what does she do now? Does she sulk? Does she hide in a corner and wait for Super Man or Batman or some other super hero in those worlds to save her? NO! She’s sad, yes. But, she is determined. She picks herself up because she knows she still has work to do and she knows that nobody else is going to fight this battle for her. The true face of evil is shown to her and here we get our epic battle scene. It was a good, solid fight scene, packed with some religious symbolism, which, I personally really enjoy in a film. Not sure why. I just think there’s something very universal about it and that it translates very well.

Once again, good conquered evil. The “good guy” wins. Except, this time, it was a woman. And that’s the real important thing here. She went on this mission because she felt she had to save the human race. She had a duty that she had to fulfill. She did not do it for bragging rights or a title or to forward herself or her people. It was selfless, pure and simple. She did not wield a gun or have some “whose blade is longer” hokey fight with another soldier. That’s not what she was about. She just wanted goodness to win. She just wanted to save us. So, thank you, Wonder Woman. You did a mighty fine job.

P.S. Can we be friends? I’ve wielded a whip a time or two, which is kind of like a lasso. Get back to me.