Julianne Sloane
Jul 19, 2018 · 1 min read

Hello, thanks for this piece on Security tokens- good to see other people in the field, I encourage you to check out Leaseum Partners: https://www.leaseumpartners.com/ the blockchain based Real Estate investment manager.

I would also comment that -while certainly still a nascent industry— the Security Token ecosystem is already much more robust than a mere 6 companies. From the players focused around compliance during token issuance (Securitize, Harbor, Tokeny) to the rapidly growing list of exchanges (OFN, GBX, tZero, Archax, BnktotheFuture, SIX, ++++) to a long list of companies planning STO: Leaseum Partners, SpiceVC, Science Blockchain, Protos, Viva Network, 22x Fund,++ — not to mention governments, banks, journalists etc that are all starting to explore this space.

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