I’m sick of this fake “news”!!

Hillary Clinton is a politician. She’s shown that’s she’s a rather greedy politician when it comes to gettin’ those Wall Street speaking fees. While it’s disappointing to me personally it’s not illegal.

What has Clinton done that’s illegal? She’s been indicted for Benghazi and her private server but she was not found guilty. So why do people think she’s a worse choice than Trump?

Donald Trump, the man who lies in the face of physical proof that he is lying. A man who has an underage rape charge pending against him. A man who admits that he gropes women whenever he can, who wandered around the dressing room of the Miss Teen USA pageant where 15 and 16 year olds were undressed. A man who refuses to pay for services rendered; big or small, doesn’t matter to him. You poured the concrete for my new casino? Sucks to be you, I’m not satisfied so I won’t pay. You have a girl dance troupe that wants to perform at my rally? Sure! We’ll pay you! (“No we won’t!” And they haven’t). The man who hasn’t paid his taxes in 20 years, who admires Vladimir Putin and was talking at a recent Trump rally about information that was only broadcast on a Russian propaganda station.

This man, Donald Trump, is seen as more believable and less of a liar and less of a criminal than Hillary Clinton.

The disconnect in reality for that statement is almost beyond me…almost.

But I know what’s behind this bizarre shift in reality: Fox News, the Republican Party and all of the websites that pop up (like “conservative, non-partisan” justicewatch.org. If you’re non-partisan then you can’t be conservative as well. That kind of cancels out the meaning of “non-partisan”) that try to make people believe their rabid anti-liberal agenda.

It’s worked!

In order to blame someone as well as shore up their very sketchy “journalistic” credentials they started barking about the “mainstream/lamestream media” and the supposed lies being told.

Unfortunately, journalistic integrity has fallen quite a bit in the past 20 years. Add in the rise of the internet and the ability for anyone to put out any information they want and you arrive where we are now: the average reader needs to pay close attention to the source they’re reading from. They need to take any report with a grain of a salt, be prepared to cross reference and be aware of the sensationalist angles popular media often employ.

All of the above has added to the perception that there’s a mainstream media vs. the truth, that there are conspiracies boiling everywhere under the surface. These are common tropes with the Sanders crowd as well as Conservative writers. Bernie Sanders conceding his bid for the presidency this summer has created an angry group of former followers. Many of his followers have been unable to accept his concession and have turned their anger against Hillary.

I wanted to vote for Sanders. I was very angry with the Nevada electoral vote and frustrated by the actions of the Democratic National Committee. I’m glad Wasserstein stepped down and I’m glad there’s a class action lawsuit against the DNC. I’m more than ready for major changes to the way elections are held.

I want to get FACTS on how much Hillary knew and/or was involved in the DNC’s push to keep Sanders out of the spotlight. It seems that some major news channels were easy to manipulate and they kept coverage of Sanders’ growing popularity out of the press. I want to see investigations into all of this.

But this demonization of Hillary Clinton by the Sanders crowd is often just rehashed and pumped up Republican propaganda from the past 20 years. They can’t get over their disappointment at not having Sanders on the ticket so they’re taking it out on Hillary. She’s become too criminal to vote for in their eyes even though it hasn’t been proven that she’s guilty of anything. Remember, we’re an “innocent until proven guilty” nation.

Trump is a very dangerous person to have in a powerful position and he has many supporters. The “lamestream media lies” excuse is being used by thousands if not millions of people so they can close their eyes to the often difficult truths around them. It is unpleasant to vote for someone that might have had a hand in crowding the candidate you wanted out of the race. I’m certainly not happy about it.

But the threat of Trump in power was enough for me to get over my disappointment. I’ve read in various articles that Trump could be the undoing of the Republican Party. I hope he is.

Both parties are supposed to work together for the country. For the past 20 years and particularly the past 8 years the Republican Party hasn’t cared about the country they’re there to serve. They have only cared about their Party and how they can get what they want. And they don’t fight fair. The constant haranguing of Hillary is a prime example of that.

The Republicans are showing their base fears through their actions. They have been showing how threatened they are by a woman as strong as Hillary in power. They have also shown their racism with the constant disdain and obstruction of Congress in the 8 years of Obama’s presidency.

The Republican Party: Fake news, extremely skewed news has now colored so much of the nation’s view of politics and the media that it’s hard to believe the truth when it’s shown. Obstructing the President and Congress and ultimately the Nation for 8 years. Listening to lobbyists instead of their constituents. Allowing an incredibly corrupt, narcissistic failed businessman to be a candidate for president.

The Republican Party has a lot to answer for. I hope this election does take them down. We need another party that is going to help the people, not hurt them.