the ‘spiritual’ bts in one’s youth days

“I know that God loves me so I need to learn to accept myself…” (something along those lines)

What? Did she just mention God? Wait what? My mind flashed back to moment of meeting her in the toilet & briefly chatting to her. My attitude in the toilet was using the typical attitude — trying hard to be cool, sweet & being the ‘icebreaker’ (asking ‘shallow’ questions as I describe them- how did you hear about the event? etc)

My mind took my attention back to her, to her sitting in the seat, in the seat that is facing everybody in the room. It was pretty rational I guess. After I heard her mention God, I immediately shut my ‘judgemental’ side of my brain off & invited her in…

Hey, what you did there was pretty cool… I noticed you said God loves you… it was just nice to hear say that…”

“Why do you think what I said was nice…”

“Because usually people just talk about career, clothes, money & I like how you touched on topic of religion/spirituality.”

“Are you a Christian?”

Bam, not this question. We sat down and talked for a while — she shared me her story of her journey of ‘seeking’ answers and I shared mine. I saw her in a different light than before (first encounter based on appearance — I’m such a hypocrite). We acknowledged each other’s quest and personal experience with God.

Point of sharing this: I wanted to go to the summit to be inspired by leaders who speak well… I was ‘flabbergasted’ that some who have faith in God were there too. I guess ‘God’ prepared other young adults there for a reason too. Just to mention, one leader who was on the panel mentioned ‘pastor.’ She deems herself as a ‘Christian’ because she was brought up with it but doesn’t consider herself ‘religious’ but ‘spiritual.’

Now how does this work? What does this mean?

Something’s shaking up. Something’s been happening to other young adults, not just me. Are they experiencing what I’m experiencing? The notion that God isn’t tied to traditional rules and ways anymore? Do we as young people have a voice for the older generation to hear?

What does God mean for ‘us’ now…? #millennialthoughts

^ @ 23/11/17 — Future leadership summit