Another step forward . . .

I’m on my way. Who knew that a one-month class called programming for non-programmers would be the class that will give me the boost I need. “Put yourself out there!” is one quote from Chris, and that’s what we do. Get out there and learn! It’s the only way for me to move forward on my path toward feeling comfortable in the programming world and figuring out where I fit into it all.

This class definitely pushed me out of my comfort zone right from the start. From interviewing developers and writing a blog post to making videos about technologies and posting them to YouTube to writing a randomizer app, registering a domain name and trying to post to my website (still), I have done most of this for the first time. Putting myself out there has put more meaning into my understanding of html, css and javascript. I’m still working on understanding the ftp structure and protocol, but I’ll get there, eventually.

In the next three months, I plan to continue learning html and css and whatever else comes my way. I just signed up for One Month html and css, so that will be great! Being a part of the One-Month online learning environment has been a positive experience and I look forward to doing more.

Three months from now, I would like to have finished the Build Your Pinterest-Style Website class and learn some Javascript along the way. It feels like a tall order, but I plan to stick with this and figure it out.

A year from now, I would like to be doing some meaningful work in web development. I’m not sure if this will involve working for someone else or for myself. In any event, I will continue to learn and push myself and see where it takes me. Stay tuned!