Facebook Ad Set Budget Rebalancing

Facebook Ad Set Budget Rebalancing Is Coming

Performance marketers across the industry know better than most that Facebook’s original red headed child the self-serve online ad manager, is still building out basic functionality that we have come to depend on. While Facebook Marketing Partner’s cover many of these functionalities (e.g. email notifications, budget management, automated rules etc.) no one really enjoys paying the the associated fee’s for these services.

While Facebook has been aggressively building its self serve ad product with things like automated rules rolling out globally, there has been a gripe AdWords marketers have had with FB that is much larger and structural.

Within the AdWords campaign structure, ad groups draw budget from the campaign level. Within the Facebook Ad Manager budgets are dawn at the ad set level. This can be frustrating when trying to accrue data within many ad sets, as ad sets often require artificially high budgets to ensure proper delivery. Campaign level spend limits provide a way for marketers to place a hard cap on campaign spend but still require manual budget appropriation across ad sets for best performance. However, change is finally on the way!

Facebook has introduced an ad set budget balancing functionality in the FB Marketing API. The current scope of the feature is described as:

Ad Set Budget Balancing lets Facebook automatically move budget between Ad Sets in a Campaign once a day around midnight in your time zone. Move budgets from Ad Sets experiencing under-delivery to budget-constrained Ad Sets that can deliver more impressions. Facebook determines delivery rate based on target spend and actual spend at different times.

While this is currently restricted to the API I am optimistic about it coming to FB Ad Manager rather than remaining restricted to API/Facebook Marketing Partners, I am looking at you Ad Studies. With the functionality for budget balancing set to trickle down into Ad Manager marketers will either be able to increase their efficiency managing accounts without having to pay for a third party tool. Hopefully by the time this enters the Ad Manager interface it is more expansive in its functionality and approaches similar budget management tools from Facebook Marketing Partners such as Smartly.io, AdParlor or Nanigans.