My Digital Friends

What You Can Do with New Influencers in Life to Improve Your Surrounding Circumstances — [9 Steps Instruction Guide Included]

Karl Lagerfeld once said that most people rather prefer a bad company than being alone. This says everything. Show me your friends and I’m gonna tell you where you will be in the next 3 years. So pay attention to the people you’re hanging around with.

So far so good. But after separating from these old connections where to find your new peer group? The answer is as simple as obvious — in the Internet. It’s needless to say that direct approaching of course remains as the major key to get in touch with people. But what to do if the focused persons are too far away to meet live on a weekly basis for example? Or if they are celebrities in their industry and impossible for you to reach?

Then you only have the Internet. Here you can follow them favorite people via their blogs, vlogs, podcasts or articles. On the flip side, imagine if you could really spend personal time each day with one of your mentors: What would be the time frame for an adequate face to face conversation to develop yourself? 10 minutes? Half an hour? 3 hours? Maybe the hole day? Or would it be possible to come along with your mentor to his or her meetings? Come on, be honest with yourself! Is it realistic? I mean really possible? If you’re asking yourself these kind of questions in a truthful minute they’re mostly aswered with “no way” of course.

So instead of this concentrate on what you have and what’s possible. And the Internet is super possible. And it’s amazing what you can find here: Awesome advice from awesome people. All day long, wherever you are, all types of great knowledge, written in words, in audio or video… And these so called Digital Mentors they give their best — especially for you. And mostly even for free. I think it’s amazing!

My Tip For You: If you want to change circumstances in your life then start doing things differently → act now!

Just pick some of these brilliant written blogs or fascinating vlogs and check out if they could give you the intended value. But keep in mind that it’s a littlebit like in every relationship — good things take time. Also very helpful is making a plan here: Listen for example to a podcast while driving your car. Or watch motivational videos or vlogs after getting up or before doing sports. And finally remember Dan Peña’s wise words: It’s also important to stop watching videos and just f*cking do it!

Your Goals — Only 9 Steps Away [Instruction Guide]

First step: Make a plan (aim high!). What are your ambitions? Do you want to lose weight or do you want to earn more money? Or something else? Write down the road to success. The more details you describe the better it will be.

Second step: Check your peer group and separate yourself from people who are not sharing your mindset (family members included, which could be very hard I can tell ya). This also affects your digtial friendships (like Facebook buddies or SnapChat contacts). Stop futile push notifications from nonsense talking persons who you’re following (maybe stop at the beginning your social timeline notifications in general).

Step three: Stop watching TV or dumb sh*t internet series. You won’t have the time anymore, trust me. Start focusing on your goals — even if the lights are red.

Step number four: Choose the right personalities to follow [for example see my list down below].

Five: Start a routine with them (each day 1o mins of watching or reading has more value than just 1 hour once in a month).

Number six: The influence takes place in your life… the so called momentum stage starts. Write down new ideas and -more important- start transferring them into your life by doing real actions. No more excuses!

Number 7: Popular “Law of Attraction” simply comes from alone — this happens by attracting new people into your life. Enjoy this part, it’s so exciting!

Step #8: Gratefulness lets you become a true and passionate hustler. You live in the right here, right now, right circumstances perception. No more yesterday and the future never happens anyway. At this point do as much as you can and keep on pushing— day in and day out.

Final and at the same time additional step: Close the circle by giving back (and starting at least your own online activities for example). Be a mentor to others and an everyday hero. Stay focused.

As an inspiration, here are some of my digital buddies. I am proud that they’re part of my pack and that they make a huge impact on my life. Just 20 years ago it would have been completely impossible for me just to reach more than 1 or 2 of them. All I can say is: You guys are awesome!

[My favorite platforms in brackets. Of course you’ll also find them on others]

Thanks to:

  • Peter Sage [YouTube]
  • Gary Vaynerchuk [all channels]
  • Brian Rose [YouTube, Twitter]
  • Kayla Itsines [Instagram]
  • Dan Peña [YouTube, Twitter]
  • Casey Neistat [YouTube, Beme]
  • Tony Robbins [Facebook, his books]
  • LisaAndLena [, Instagram]
  • Robert T. Kiyosaki [Facebook, his books]
  • Tai Lopez [YouTube, SnapChat]
  • Gerald Hörhan [YouTube, Twitter, his books]
  • Thaddaeus Koroma [YouTube, SnapChat]
  • Pumping Ercan Demir [YouTube]
  • Neil Patel [Twitter, Quicksprout/Blog]
  • Seth Godin [Seth’s Blog, his books]
  • DJ Khaled [SnapChat]
  • Guy Kawasaki [Pinterest, Twitter, his books]
  • Susanne Grieger-Langer [YouTube, her books]
  • Deepak Chopra [Meditation podcasts — I love you!]
  • Sean Ellis [Twitter, GrowthHackers/Blog]
  • Simon Sinek [first and foremost his TED Talks]
  • …and many more!

Bottom line: Even the matter that I’m only a little follower number in their blogs or social profile counters can’t hide the fact that I’m getting a lot of extra value from them. And as I already said mostly for free. I definitely appreciate it. Only this my friends counts.

So, when will you be starting to surround yourself with some new digital friends? Don’t waste your time and stop living like you live twice! Start now and make your dreams come true — the change is definitely possible…

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