As we move towards a world where automation may replace many of the boring, repetitive or dangerous jobs that people rely on financially to survive, we will see an increase in the gap between low income and extremely wealthy people.

The middle class is getting pushed away.

I think the scary fact is that the machines are really good at what they do.

At one point in time, over 90% of human labor was dedicated to agriculture, and now in the US only 1.1% of human labor is dedicated to agriculture.

These jobs were replaced by heavy machinery — in…

As gun violence becomes more prevalent in the United States, I think it would be interesting to explore potential technological solutions to the problems we face as a society when it comes to gun violence.

It’s unfortunate that in 2018 someone with a mental disease, or who harbors ill will towards some group of people, can purchase automatic weapons with relative ease — causing devastating damage in a short period of time.

There are several problems to tackle here:

- How easy it is to get a gun.
— What types of people should be allowed to get a gun…

Moving into 2018 we’re seeing lots of interesting activity in the cryptocurrency space.

I feel like a level of critical mass was hit in the last few weeks, where everyone I know is asking how to invest in crypto currencies, what alt coins to buy, etc.

And I don’t mean a lot of people, I mean every single person. It seems to be hitting a level of frenzy, where everyone is seeing massive gains and wants to get rich quick too.

Lambos for everyone.

While I’m a bull when it comes to cryptocurrency in general over the next 10–15 years…

Julian Sarokin

Futurist • Crypto • Investor @AutomationFund

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