Okay, another quick update.

I feel as if I’m getting a better bigger picture view of The data science scene. I might not have a clear set of common business examples where data science can be used.. And where it’s made some big bickies, but I think I’ve got the context / framework for where to slot these case studies when I eventually get them.

At the moment I seem to have a clear view of how I’m going to be filling my days.

Quite simply:

  • Udemy Data Science course homework (to ft her acquire the useful practical skills)
  • Creating a data science portfolio website (if it’s juliandoesdatascience.com or something else I don’t know -and whether I do it in Squarespace or Wordpress, I also don’t know. The content is getting done, right here at the moment… if you can call these ramblings somewhat related to datascience.
  • Drilling down into some of the kaggle competitions. The Telstra data, the coupons comp. Doing this today or tomorrow might be good to have some possible applications in mind for the seminar I’ve got on Friday.

But then in addition to this “work”, I’ve also got “softer goals” which include:

  • Finding a data science mentor
  • Securing a data-related internship

And the following are what seem to be constantly being pushed back onto the back burner:

  • Sending out job applications for Excel administration jobs
  • Finishing off my Udemy course for VCE Further (why not, all the content is pretty much completed, albeit in a very relaxed sub-standard fashion… just needs some nice editing and its ready -for a first run at least).

Letting these continue to not get done is a bit of a mystery to me… I suspect (now) that it could be something to do with the number of ideas I’Ve got up in the air at present.. But perhaps it really is just as simple as allocating times for each of these.

And finally, there are:

  • My health concerns -working out at a significantly higher level to try to remove the 10kgs that jumped onto my gut, when I turned 30 / when the gf moved in.
  • Fun. Fun, dammnit! Seems a bit like a vague memory but I do recall I once played squash and went salsa dancing and rock climbing and bike riding and really enjoyed these activities. Now sure, my ankle is 1.5 years out of a reconstruction but that’s becoming less and less of an excuse.

Oh well, there you have it. Rambling, mind dump complete. I wonder what I’ll go onto now, now that that’s all out there and I have roughly 1 hour before the meet up where we’ll talk about AI (which I’m looking forward to, really much).

I think that’s about it. At least it’s down now and I can move on with a slightly clearer head.

As usual, feel free to post a quick comment kind, gentle solitary reader of mine.