The Sky Never Lied To Me.

Courtesy of twitter.
The sky never lied to me:

It makes danger look so beautiful.

Thunder sounds so musical.

My mind bares storms.

Not your ordinary storms:

This storm defines me,

This storm wasn’t always good to me.

This storm deprived me.

Making me who I am now.

Photo taken by: JT

I know a blessing when I see one.

I’m not too fond of expressing feelings.

I’m someone who writes them out:

Because my mind doesn’t rest.

Am I wrong to ask:

What made you want to ride my journey.

You chose the poet:

The most spontaneous of my kind.

I chose you beyond because your Fine.

I could tell you’re raised right.

Quite the challenge too.

I’m stubborn as hell but you’ve slightly made that improve.

The sky never lied to me:

& it is a reflection of you.

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