You Only Hate Assad Because Your TV Told You To
Caitlin Johnstone

I don’t know about the US, but the tyrannical nature of Assad’s regime, and that of his father, was well publicised in Britain at the time when he was one of Britain’s “friends” and almost got a knighthood from the Queen. Prominent amongst those who were prepared to embarrass the government (which, as now, just wanted to sell arms) was Amnesty International; so I don’t accept that Amnesty is any part of an Establishment conspiracy to deceive.

That’s not to say that the current Western involvement in Syria has any legitimacy. It’s not even popular here, though tbh most people don’t care.

What I see as the problem for us is that whatever we do, even if it’s just getting out before we do any more damage, will be an intervention. Not intervening would be an intervention now: it would effectively legitimise Assad and consign Syria to Russia’s “sphere of influence”. Yet there is no enthusiasm for an Iraq-style intervention. What our governments seem to want is to continue the civil war indefinitely, by arming all sorts of factions and dropping the odd bomb now and then. Well, it gives the Jihadis something to do, and kills off quite a lot of them. Russia will be prevented from ending the conflict, but we don’t want to fight them - we could lose!

This is an utterly imorral position. But then, is Russia’s any better? Or Israel’s? They hope to annex the Golan and steal its oil whilst the world looks the other way, and it looks like they will get away with it…

I’m afraid it is complicated. Should, arguably, be none of our business, but we have made it so and we can’t unwrite history.

BTW I think Goering was a well-educated, articulate chap who spoke good English…so does that mean he wasn’t a monster?

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