How to use Plex media server to stream local media to Chromecast (from your PC)

Are you using Plex media server and want to stream your content to the Google Chromecast? Well, this can be done by using your computer or laptop. The details of the entire process is mentioned in the blog-post.
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Plex media player or you can say Plex home theater allows the user to organize and play audiobooks, music, photos, podcasts, videos and other media files from a local or remote computer running Plex Media Server. Plex media server supports a wide range of multimedia formats. Chromecast is a new way to TV, it can transform your phone into a personalized remote control. Chromecast generally refers to a thumb size media streaming device which can be easily plugged into your TV. You can download Google cast as cast your favorite media to the big screen or you can mirror what you like on the small screen.

Robust and free path of streaming local media

Chromecast is not as simple as it looks. The prior intention of google for introducing Chromecast is to create an internet sensation, not a local media player. But you can utilize Chromecast for streaming videos online with impressive quality and performance. So you can enjoy this service by getting Chromecast for your device by various internet platform that offers Google cast download facility and a general overview of its functioning and operational features.

If you hit Chromecast for streaming video online you would be delighted with the impressive quality and sound. But if your device is loaded with lots of heavy media then there are quite large chances that you get some stress while streaming. Chromecast supports multiple devices like your phone, laptop, TV or Chromebook. You can gather more information about this operation from the official site of the company.

Options for streaming local media with Chromecast

There are several methods for streaming local media with Chromecast. There are numerous apps available for loading or streaming local media directly to the Chromecast, but all of them are not available for free. So if you are too curious you can refer to the official site of the product for every necessary detail related to this topic.

But, it’s not necessary to go for an app while streaming a local media, you can simply use your chrome browser, everything that you are streaming on your PC can be easily played on your TV. The only demerit of this method is the degradation of quality but it’s clear enough. You can enhance the quality of streaming and enjoy additional options with the Chromecast extension. All you need to do is install the Chromecast extension from the Google Cast extension download pathways available on internet platforms.

Plex media server and Chromecast together in streaming

Once you got your Chrome Cast download. You will observe that streaming local media with Chromecast is difficult as compared to YouTube and Netflix due to the nature of the Chromecast. The role of the server is to send the web page to Chromecast will all the media information and Chromecast will play it on your PC. Chromecast utilizes webRTC in tab casting mode which results in the limited quality of media. The smooth streaming of local media by using Plex media server and Chromecast require a media server for content management and a web app for forwarding the information to the Chromecast.

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