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A list of the most useful non-paid sites for planners. Here’s what planners have submitted at so far;

Deck Of Brilliance — when you’re stuck for a narrative arc in a presentation

Dollar Street — an intimate look inside peoples homes from around the world

Moat — a look at the online creative of your competitors

Toby — a better way for planners to bookmark pages

ToolboxToolbox — a treasure trove of process docs for workshops

Brand Actions Library — 180 examples of innovative advertising from the last 12 months

The Noun Project — a library of icons to make your deck look pro, alternative —…

In the report ‘What Clients Want’ there was a theme of clients wanting shapeshifting new types of ideas from creative agencies.

I thought it could be good to add some reference points for what this type of work looks like. The first lot of examples are inspired by the “blurred lines/digital first” type ideas that clients are looking for.

This quote inspired it.

“We’re after ideas that blur the line between digital and physical worlds.”

Looking at the latest Brand Actions Library (200+ examples of innovative advertising), I pulled out five examples of blurred lines campaigns.

1.Pedigree Selfie Stix

Pedigree designed a clip that attaches to your smartphone to hold one of their DentaStix dog treats. …

I created a presentation called Day 1 Advice for New Planners from Old Planners. It gave one piece of advice from over 25 veteran planners.

The following is my one piece of advice for new planners;

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Great planners rarely ask “what can I do to help?”

It’s the dreaded question to get when you’re a Strategy Director.

Your boss is most likely under a crunch with their own work and then they get someone asking to fill up their plate with work.

The best thing to do is come bearing gifts for your boss, with outputs you could create for them. …


Runs Planning Dirty, ex-Head of Comms Planning BBDO & BBH, teaches Strategy at Skillshare, Co-Founder of @PlanningSalon, bleeds Parra Eels/Essendon/NY Jets

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