How To Perfectly and Completly Integrate ClickFunnels With EverWebinar In 5 Minutes

Hi Hooman,

thanks for this good instruction, I needet them.

However, it seems to me like the integration is still not really usefull. With the API-Integration only the most recent webinar is bookable and the users don´t even see which time and date it will be. So I have to use the method with the Everwebinar-Popup.

But this completely destrys any possibility of measuring the success of the registration-page. Clickfunnels does not recognize if anybody did register and so I can´t even make a split-test on the registration-page.

In the meanwhile I did manage it to insert a CF-Thank-you-page instead of the Easywebinar-page, so at least I can continue with the funnel. But still … there is no measure on the registration-page and CF does not recognize the visitors as “fullfilled the first step of the funnel”.

Inserting also the 15-Minute-scheduling does not really solve it. This would work for the meassure, but the sign-ups would drop dramatically as there is no usefull scheduling anymore.

The question is: Do you see any chance to do one of the following:

1 — Extend the API so users signing up with ClickFunnels can choose the date (including the Short-Term-Registration)

2 — Find a way to get statistics on the registration into CF, even if the registration is not done inside of CF? (Be aware that the Thank-You-Page is in CF again, so maybe there is a way to trigger a script on the Thank-You-Page and tell CF in that way that the user took the first funnel-step. )

All the best, Julian!

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