My Journey with Adenomyosis
Vanessa Fleming

Vanessa Fleming, I was fifty when I got a diagnosis of Adenomyosis ! That was seven years ago (the women in my family are fertile until pretty late).

Reading your article, I’m remembering being a teenager in an English boarding school where I didn’t have access to anyone who understood ( or cared) what I was going through. The massive blood clots, cramps and never enough pads.

I don’t remember reading anything in the intervening thirty odd years that is related to my experience and I’m not sure why I just accepted it.

I was fitted with an IUD (intrauterine device) at fifty, no more periods. The gynaecologist said to me pity you hadn’t come to see me years ago.

I probably should have it taken out now, pretty sure I’ve gone though menopause since I don’t get hormone related migraines any more but that’s another story.